What makes this milk different? 
This milk is pasteurized according to FDA standards in order to ensure the harmful bacteria in the milk are eliminated; however, it retains a majority of its enzymes, which are crucial for proper digestion and good health.  Traditional pasteurization utilizes an extreme high heat, high volume method. This method unfortunately kills the beneficial enzymes as well.  Our method does not do this.

How is our milk pasteurized?
Our milk is pasteurized at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, which will eliminate any potentially harmful micro-organisms while keeping the “good” enzymes intact. This milk is slowly brought up to a temperature of 145 degrees and held at that temperature for 30 minutes.  This milk is then cooled down quickly by traveling through a cooling tube system called a plate cooler.  The milk is then put directly into our cold milk tank where it is ready for bottling and enjoying.

Does this milk contain artificial hormones, additives, or preservatives?
No…….our cows are never given artificial hormones in order to increase milk production.  No……we do not add in any additional additives or preservatives into our milk.  All the vitamins and goodness are pure milk, nothing artificial.

What’s that stuff on the top?
Cream.  After sitting in the refrigerator you will notice the thick cream on the top of the milk.  This occurs because this milk has not been homogenized.  You can shake the bottle to mix it back in or you can pull it off to make butter, whipping cream, or as your coffee creamer.

Why does your milk have a shorter shelf life than other grocery store milk?

Our milk still has active enzymes and bacteria in it, so any variations in temperature can effect the live milk. For best results, always keep it in a refrigerated at or a little below 41 degrees. 

How are your cows fed?

We grass-feed our herd as much as possible, but do have to supplement with a forage based diet when necessary to keep all of our cows healthy and producing quality milk. However, our feed is GMO free as well as corn & soy free.

What kind of cows do you have?

We have hand selected Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jerseys that make up our herd.

Our Speciality is our Low-Temperature Pasteurized Milk 

It’s Non-Homogenized so the cream rising to the top!

Our Milk